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previously formed by habits of trade and familiar intercourse to these may be added that the Canadian is familiarly acquainted with the several Indian languages - These cause have at all time secured to the Canadians the friendship and confidence of their Indian neighbour - In the conflicts between the natives and the English or Americans, the Canadian has remained quiet unless identified by having taken a part in the dis- putes - The Indians are still disirous of keeping up this mark of favor for their friend or this continued familiarly to style the French - To the Enlightened french merchant trader and farmer, I have therefore applied for information and to them am I endebted for the knowledge upon which I have formed the opinion of their hostile views already expressed and shall be happy should it prove incorrect - Several Canadian Gentlemen, entitled to credit, and well dyposed towards our Government, have stated to me that they have been repeatedly called upon lately, by Indians, who they believed their friends, who have requested them not to mingle or Identify themselves with the Americans or long knives - That early in the spring, (at the first swelling of the buds) the Indians would strike upon Detroit and the whole frontier - That if they were found at home attending to their private concerns they would be respected & their property remain safe, otherwise they would be involved in the fate of their neighbours the Americans - That this determination was to clear the Country north and west of the Ohio of every American and in future establish that river for a boundary - That the scheme had been long in aggitation, and now war [illeg. ] generally by the Indians - That such nations or tribes as refused to Join the Confederacy would also be cut off - These cummunications from the Indians to their friends have made a deep impression upm the well disposed Canadians - How the majority will act should an attack be made is doubtful - It would be unwise for the Govt. to calculate much

[Ed. Here ends the letter.]



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