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Zanesville Jan. 12 1812

Dear Sir

I have been requested by Judge Speer, of Gurnsey County to forward to you the enclosed final Certificate and to request you to procure the patents and either send them on or bring them on your return in the Spring --

Being at the temporary seat of Government of our state you will probably think I may give you some of the most important proceedings of our Legislature.

The first in magnitude is the repeal of the Law passed two years ago for commis- sioning certain officers -- This law passed in the house of representatives by a con- siderable majority -- In the Senate it passed by a majority of two

Mr. Purviance having changed his opinion and Mr. Kirker voting in favor of the repeal in consequence of the supposed dilema in which some counties of the state would have been placed, as the majority of the house of representatives had declared their intention of not entering into any elections until the Law should be repealed -- which would in effect have suspended the functions of the Judges of the courts in some of the counties -- I had feared the consequences of this repeal, but from the healing disposition manifested by the majority I hope all will yet be well

The subject of the next Congressional Election is now before the house of repre- sentatives -- A committee has reported in favor of District elections but as there are many opposers of this principle, and the difficulty of making the Division still in- creasing the opponents -- I think it most probable the next election will be by a general ticket

The impeachment of Judge Thompson will commence on the 28th Inst. Mr. Cass appears for the Defendant. I think it probable a majority of the Senate will vote against the Judge but I think doubtful whether a constitutional majority of two thirds will pronounce him guilty

A Committee of the House of Representatives here brought in a Bill taxing Bank stock, whether it will pass or not is doubtful -- Were the state driven to the necessi- ty of encrasing its Revenue I should see no reason why this kind of property cant not be made subservient, in a proper degree, to such encrease but with a full treasury, or with sufficient funds to defray all the present or contemplated expenses of government, I think this tax at this time not only unnecessary but inexpedient -- Taxing Bank stock will prevent Citizens of other states becoming interested in our banks -- and it must be admitted by those who are acquainted with the Banking institutions of this state that foreign capital has been sought for, as necessary to add vigor to the under- taking -- without it indeed few of our banks would be able to afford accommodation to the extent demanded by our Citizens --

The question of the seat of government is before a Committee of the H. of R. who are instructed to receive proposals for a permanent establishment what the issue will be, I can scarcely conjecture --

Important as these subjects are to the people of this State, they are lost when contrasted with the great and important objects which engross the attention of the national government In my view of the subject, we are brought to crises that leaves it now with our government to determine whether we shall have peace or war -- with England alone, I conceive it rests -- or the honor of our country must be sacrificed to our love of peace or fear of war -- but the almost latent spirit of seventy six, which I find renovating the correspondence of Mr. Monro, with Mr Foster -- the Presi- dents communication to Congress -- and last but not least the report of the Committee of foreign relations, induces a hope, that a love of peace will not influence the con- duct of our government, when the united world must declare that Justice honor nay in- dependence itself call for war -- And as to our fear, -- let the savages of the Wabash




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