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ourselves justice for Spoilations committed by Spain on our commerce some years ago. The extinguishment of the Indian claim on that tract of country along lake Erie, is also a consideration not unworthy the consideration of Congress - At this time I am told that vast quantities of British goods are landed from the lake, at the mouths of Huron, Sandusky, and the Miami of the lake; and are daily waggoned to Delaware, and other towns the most adjacent to the lake - say from four to ten waggons of a day!!! In order therefore to prevent those infractions of our laws; and to secure our front- iers it will be highly important to possess a right in the soil of that country, in order to garrison it sufficiently strong to secure us from invasion from upper Canady where we must expect a hord of smuglers will reside - And from whence we must expect frequent attacks from foraging, and marauding parties; on the rich harvests of Ohio - You have ten fold the opportunity of information which I have, and is therefore able to take a much more comprehensive view of our foreign relations, and also of our inter-- nal affairs - But from my limited source of information, I cannot help believing that the possession of Florida, and of that tract of country along the lake, would be of immence importance to the U.S. in case of a war with Britain -

I confess that peace would be very pleasing to me; but when I see the unsufferable conduct of Great Britain, and the loss of public character, and private property sus- tained added to the innumerable insults received from the imperious nation; I must con- fess that I would be willing to lay the quaker down; and lend a hand to chastise again, the insolent foe of America -

You will not wish to recieve many such fulsome epistles from me as the foregoing; but the only expence is the time it took me to write it, and you to read it: in as much as postage to members of Congress is cheap, the principal loss, will be in your stock of patience in reading -

With due respect I am yours &c

Benjn. Hough

Genl. Thos. Worthington -




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