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Chillicothe Nov the 16th 1811

Hond Sir

Being compelled to leave town in the morning for the Circuit, I improve the opportunity to write you, a line though I have nothing particular worthy of communication.

We were favored last mail with the Presidents Message and the Correspondence of Messers Monroe and Foster, and it actually seems that we "have arrived at a crisis," which calls for the indignation of the American people. It could hardly be beleived, that the British minister would have the audacity to demand a repeal of the nonintercourse act, as a preliminary to a long expected negotiation; but our Government has reason to expect any thing, but an honorable accommation; -- though Congress will not declare war -- I hope in God they may go so far as to grant letters of Marque -let the consequences be what they riay -- Hopes have been in- dulged that a compromise might be effected, but the Administration will not pre- pare for the worst.

It is worthy of remark, that the Western country, will now command respect abroad, both for its talents and its numbers, -the election of Mr Clay to the Chair will be peculiarly gratifying to his friends -and the supposed "wilds of America," will be no longer looked upon with indifference.

Nothing particularly has occurred in Ohio, since your departure, except what you see in the papers. This mail will announce to you, the melancholy death of Mrs Swearengen, -- She died at her fathers house on sunday last, -- and was buried yesterday, this event was truly afflicting to Mr Swearengen, and his friends will sympathise in his misfortune. Mr. Aaron Goforth also of Cincinnatti, - the Senator from that country died last week, a writ of election will consequently issue, but we know not who will probably succeed him. It is not yet ascertained, who will represent the old Trumbull District. - Huntington & Hitchcock were in competition, and it is supposed that Huntington is elected. Should Huntington succeed, he will aim to be speaker of the H. of Representatives &c. I am a little anxious to see what part he will now take on the subject of the judiciary. He will however first see on which side the majority incline and if anything can be inferred from, his communication, three winters since as made to the Legislature; on the subject of vacancies, it is clearly in favor of the present system now in operation. I expect to be at Zanesville after the rising of the Federal Court here, and will then write you of the result. I shall be on the Circuit for several weeks, and as I express myself freely to you I must confess, I am almost tired of Ohio Court & litigation notwithstanding my prospects are as good in my profession as the country will admit. I must however abide by my practice, unless fortune should direct to something more acceptable.

But I discover Sir I have been intruding upon your patience -- and trust your candor will excuse the midnight wanderings of the pen. The arduous duties before you, forbid all trespass upon your private leisure, - and sincerely wishing you, a happy issue from the labors of the Session, I am with esteem Very Respectfully Your Obedt Servt

Jessup N. Couch

Hond. Thos. Worthington




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