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Chilicothe Feby 2d. 1811

Dear Sir,

Your favor of the 22d. January came to hand three days before the one of the 14th. You sent them I presume by Mails of different directions, and will discover thereby the advantage one has over the other. In replying to your letters I shall consider them as wrote at the same time.

You have reason to consider your being at Washington as surprising, especially taking into View the unwarranted opposition maintained against you by two of our members in our Legislature. Artful and insidious they have not ceased, by the basest means to traduce your Character. But my Friend, does not your election and such circumstances, afford you some consolation? You must be convinced that a maj- ority of your fellow Citizens begin to think differently of your merit

-- That their effusions, however sanctioned by legal information, do not bear the stamp of rectitude: but, however agreeable the opinion of the people in your favor, may be, it must fall infinitely short of the comfort arising from the approbation of your own conscience. It matters little to a pure mind what the world may think or say either for or against it.

You think war may result to the United States from the perturbed situation of our relations with foreign nations. You know I am but a sorry politician, but the idea has often forced itself upon me, that a temporary warfare might have a Sal- utary influence on our Country. I speak of war from without, and the remote situation of our country, from Nations, which make War a trade, will ever secure us from an extended Warfare, at least on 1-and, unless, throu h the disuse of Arms, and the baleful influence of foreign luxuries and manners,we become so enervated &s to become an easy prey to some rapacious invading power: therefore it is that war may be necessary, now and then, to maintain in us a martial spirit, and prevent our destruction. Peace is lovely -- is desirable. May God prepare us for his Will to- wards us!

Your requisitions shall be complied with as far as they rest with me. I lifted your Obligation which was in Mr. Dunns hands. One of your obligations in the Bank for 800 doll is renewed, and next bank day, another for 200 dollars will be attended to. I have not yet seen Mrs. Worthington, as soon as I do shall enquire of her relative to what you propose.

I have now dismissed every concern but one, namely the election of Mr. K to the directory. I presume I was not explicit enough in the Statement made in my former letter. Although the directors, to whom you had spoken on the subject, were satisfied, yet their influence on the Stockholders, generally, was ineff- icient; and, if you recollect when you gave your reasons to Mr. C-e he mentioned his having spoke to Mr. K. and that he could not retract. Mr. W-l was perhaps in the same way; and altho the balance of the directors was, as I presume, in favor of Mr. Miller, they were unable to stem the opposition of the dissatisfied Stock- holders, and Mr. C-s personal force, aided by the [illeg.] he held. I do not re- collect distinctly, but think I informed you of a Conversation I had with Mr. K. antecedent to the election. He told me should he be elected, and his election tried to disturb the harmony of the Bank, he would resign. He said, upon my en- quiry, that Mr. C-n had never spoke with him on the Subject, but that he was told, that, in the event of his being chosen, he C-n would take Stock, but observed again that he never would be made the tool of any man or set of men, and that, if he continued a director, his whole influence should be exerted to promote the institution. He wishes an interview with you and expresses no doubt in Saying that he will be able to Satisfy you fully. I hope it may be the Case, for, I must



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