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Camp Meigs June 20 1813

Dear Sir,

Two men, one a Frenchman and the other a private in the late Colo.. Dudleys reigment have just arrived from Detroit, & from whom we have the important intelligence that the enemy contemplate another attack upon this Garrison.

The Frenchman states -- that the Indians had for some time been urging Genl Proctor to renew the attacl;k. A council of war was held a few days since in which it was determined to renew the at ack on Fort Miegs -- and thle combined forces were to set out on this day or tomorrow at farthest with that view. From every information the Indians be about 4,000 strong with the expectation of additional reinforcements, of perhaps as many more.

The British regulars from Fort George & Erie had been sent for and were expected at Malden about 1,400 strong. The Canadian Militia had been paraded on the 4th June (the Kings birth day ) and after a speech by the Genl. had been ordered to yield up their arms being deemed un- worthy his Majestys service.

Tecumshe was encamped at the river rouge near its mouth.

The prisoner Thomas Son of Capt Kerrs Company Kentucky Militia states -- "That on the 5th. of May he was taken prisoner by the Indians and carried abou.t one huncred and fifty miles above Detroit to the Sagana tribe, where he remained with two other prisoners until a few days past - all three attempted their escape. They were discovered by the Indians fired on and scattered but neither of them killed:

He made his way good to the neighborhood of Detroit where he fell in with [Frenchman] whose statement precedes, and who agreed to accompany him to this place.

That a small distance from Detroit lie was met or overtaken by a large portly man of fair complexion who told him to hurry on to this place with all possible speed and inform the Commanding Officer here that this place would be again beseiged -- the enemy would consist of about 4,000 Indians -- 15 or 1600 regulars (a reinforcement just arrived at Malden) and the whole of the regular force from that post, and that the enemy would set out for this place by Monday tomorrow at Farthest. He also states that previous to his leaving the Indians nearly all the wariers of the Sagana tribe had left their towns for Detroit. That the person who gave him this information, stated as his opinion that the eneriy intended an attack on the posts in the rear of this and that his opinion was founded on information received from a Squaw.

The officers of the Garrison have been generally consulted and they give the fullest confidence to the belief that the enemy contemplate ano- ther attack on this Fort Nor do I hesitate to join in the belief.

The importance of this communication to you needs no comment from me.

We shall be prepared to give our enemy a warm reception come when they will-

I have every confidence in your exertions and feel that it is through you this army looks for triumph over our enemies.

I have sent expresses in different routs and to different posts to meet you -- and enclosed Copies of this communication to Govr Meigs and Shelby and have taken the liberty to order Colo. Johnstons regiment of mounted men from Fort Winchester to this place immediately



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