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Cincinnati February 14th 1813.


I have the pleasure to inform you that the Detachment of Militia has marched for Dayton in good health and spirits. The Batalion from my Division will consist of five Companies between three and four hundred strong. I have had uncommon dificulties to encounter in organizing and marching them; the Brigade Major having notified me of his resigna- tion at a time when his services were most wanted, & Genl Findley not having official notice of his exchange, and the Brigadier Genl Wingate, Col. Mills a nd Major Bain never joined until yesterday so you may judge of my situation having the sick, lame lazy and most of all the ignorant to attend to, and had not Mr. Thompson taken some part of the arrange- ment off my hands in the Quarter Master Department I could not have gotten them on the march so soon. They are now completely acquiped. I made them purchase blankets &c with their advance pay; and have several engaged that I have hired to make up catridges as we could not get any at the arsenal; I shall send a load of amunition to Dayton on Tuesday have kept a guard for that purpose. The catridges are made the best I have ever seen. I got buck-shot moulds made and as I got them for eight dollars which is very cheap. I shall not put them in Bryson's account as they are very useful for the state some 9 and some 12 buck shot in each catridge and by experiment I finld they will answer much better than ball catridges. Though I have had some of them made, I have them put up in dozens and completely paclcd, about sixty dozens in each tight key that will not admit the wet to injure the amunition. I have Sir been indefatigable in my exertions on this occation and hope my trans- actions will meet your approbation. I send a grater supply of unfited amunition than the Detachment will require which will be wanted in ad- vance as I presume & knowing the dificulty of obtaining buck-shot. I will order the men to go on casting a quantity that by giving a short notice may be forwarded to your to any point on the frontiers, We have a rumor in town that Genl. Harrison has had an engagement & been vic- torious. God grant it may be true Sir I am in very great haste which will apologize for this confused scrawl from your most obt. & Humb. servant

John S. Gano

His Excelency
Govr. Meigs.



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