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Cincinnati February 5th. 1813

Governor Meigs, Sir

I received yours of the 1st. Inst On the 3d in the afternoon by Express enclosing the draft for eight thousand dollars I have used every exertion in my power to collect the Battallion and will have them marched as soon as possible. The extreme high waters we have had has very much retarded the men in collecting at this place as ordered, To day & tomorrow I expect three Companies in; And one at Lebanon and one at Hamilton have been ordered and will be ready to join in the march to Dayton, which will be commenced as soon as possible -- The late sad disaster at the river Rasin has had a great effect upon the feelings of all classes of Citizens, And the publick mind is so agitated that the men will march with more alacrity, and I think there would be no difficulty in aug- menting the force if necessary. After the brave Genl Findlay declining the Command no official notice of his exchange I sent an express to Genl Wingate on receiving your order by mail, who has accepted, as you will see by the enclosed Colo Mills of Butler County who is the oldest Colo. in the division has been ordered to talce Command of one of the Regiments but I have not heard from him. If the proper officers do not arrive as ordered, the rien shall march if I have to head them myself. I have several men making cartridges, and intend to put iore at it tomorrow so as to get ready from l4 to 20,000 I have appropriated a part of the Court house for it. There are but few buck shot on hand I have ordered a pair of temporary moulds made, and will have the business forwarded with as much expedition as possible -- Mr. Bryson is disposed, as he informed me today, to furnish what is in his power. I have also called upon the contractor to furnish rations here, at Lebanon, Hamilton & Dayton for my detachment -- I am this day informed Major Jenkinson's Battallion has volunteered to serve longer I hope to God its true; for its my opinion unless something decisive is done this winter we shall have our frontiers very much harassed if not broken up by the Yellow Hellhounds of the forest -- Judge Griswold informs me by a late letter the Indians are very numerous on the iississipi and Illinois, and he is of opinion, in the spring that they can, by water is so disposed, con- centrate 10,000 warriors at St Louis or in that quarter in a very few days, and the success they have had will encoura e them no doubt to acts of desperation, which I am in hopes will give us an advantage in battle, for they have alway eluded an action until they get an advantage which in the late melancholy disaster was, by information very improperly given them. I have the fullest confidence in Harrison, and the in- habitants this evenin to express it to the public and to Government I shall use as much economy with the amt committed to my charge as possible. I will advance to the men 10 or 12 dols each as I may judge necessary when mustered, and have & shall keep an exact account of expenditures:

I am with due Respect yours &c

John S Gano

His Excellency
R J Meigs



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