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come & distroy under the shelter of their cannon, this river is about 32 miles from Detroit The river Rouge Six Miles short of that place would be a good place also to build boats. There is a Ship yard a few Miles up that river where I think a supply of Timber &c could be procured for the purpose. I am of opinion that several block houses ought to be established between the foot of the rapids & Detroit, particularly at Raisin the crossing of the river Huron (where Hulls army built a bridge) & at Walkers near Browns Town in order to secure the free communication between the state of Ohio & Detroit.

I an of opinion that if it is deemed advicable to attack F Malden in a ny short time, it might be better to cross the river below that place a few Miles as there are two Muddy streams between Sandwich oppo- site to Detroit & Malden to wit Turkey creek & the River Canon over each of which there are bridges which the Enemy did partially distroy & will intirely clistroy them if they find they are to be attacked from that quarter & I do not recollect to have seen for some distance below Malden any creel or water course to impede the progress of an army.

But if some light Troops & Horse could go on to Detroit while the boats were building & take possession of that place they might probably procure a number of boats there

I am of opinion that all the cannon are removed from opposite to Detroit as well a s from the fort.

The river Detroit is so smooth in calm weather that a great number of Troops might be crossed on rafts which could be made of rolls[?] & Cedar Picketts.

I would recommend the greatest vigilence in the protection of our frontier, as I am convinced the most serious attacks are meditated again- st all the vulnerable parts of it in rossed[?] succession.

The fate of Chikago or Fort Dearborn I presume is Known since writing the foregoing I have just learnd by an officer that a Number of Indians returned to Malden on the 6th. inst. with a number of scalps said to be taken at that place. It appears to be undertain what number of the Garrison have been spared Major Wm. Wells & out Ash it is said are Certainly Killed, but the Commanding officer & his wife saved They had a great war dance on their arival

[Probably a report of James Taylor]



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