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and property to this place from fort recovery where he has been vending goods and tradeing with the Indians and the same Gentleman gives many proofs of their Intention to war with the whites and from the Candure of the man and his Knowledge of these situation I place every confidence in his relation and consider it worthy of Cret, there is as I am informed a number of Indians within a few miles from this place sculking through the woods in small part[ies] they appear shy and as this is not the season for Hunting the Inhabitants of that neighbourhood are Very Suspicious of their intentions and would be Glad to have authority to arrst[?] them by some means we have men sufficient to guard our frontiers But have not the means, Notwithstanding the laws of our Country say every man intitled to do militia duty shall furnish himself with arms and Equiptments Yet we are far difficient in that case and not from a want of a disposition to furnish themselves as the scarsity of there articles as they are not to be had for an y price and I do assure you the frontier consider themselves in a very critical and Embarrassed setion[?] and without means of defending their families or property and as they have a right to Claim protection at the hands of the Government I consider it a duty incumbent on the government and those in pover to realise and consider the precarious situation of those complaining and render such assistance as would re- lieve them in some measure from the Evils tha t now await them and the causes of their inquietude. Therefore In behalf of those citizens so unfavourable situated I appeal to your EXcellency so far as consistant with the power and authority vested in you to adopt such measures as in your wisdom and Experience might seem Just and rightuous which would have a tendency to quiet the fears and apprehensions of those Citizens who are sacrificing their all and fleeing into our Settlements for refuge I am Led to believe that something is necessary to be done for their Safety and that immediately as no doubt Exist with me from every Infor- mation but that the Indians purpose doing all the Mischief in their power this spring it would therefore be prudent and in fact Indispensably necessary to put our frontier in a Situation of defence which in their present situation is impossible without the assistance of Government as arms and Equiptments are not [to] be had in our Country and as there is a meeting of the Citizens of our quarter to take place on wednesday next relative and to consult what may be done for the best security of our Frontier in the apparent danger I would be Glad your Excellency would Suggest some mode of preparation which would meet the difficulties which appear to hang over our frontier and such as would have a tendency to anihilate and Expell those fears and disquietude which now so far dis- turbs the peace of our frontier settlements, that I might communicate the same to them.

And I am happy to have the Honr to Subscribe myself Sir Your very Humble and obedient Sert

John Wingate B. Gl.
Comdg. 3d. B. 1st D --

His Excellency
R. J. Meggs Esr Governor
an Commr in Chief of Ohio



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