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Piqua May 22. 1812


I received a communication from the Shawanoese Chiefs dated the 14th inst in which they inform that it was a party of Patawatimies who killed Mr. Rush at Greenville they were seen passing Massasinway with the Scalp The younger Killbuck charged with the murder made his escape from the guard on his way to Prison his wife still remains in our custody but I shall take an opportunity of sending her home shortly. The Shawanoese further informs that several war parties will be out from the Wabash and Ilinois for this quarter and request us to have a sharp look out. I have notified Capt. Perry and shall inform Capt Buchanan who is on duty at Greenville to the same effect. There is every prospect of the War becoming general along our frontiers and nothing but the timely interposition of the Government will bring the Hostile Tribes back to a sense of their duty and prevent those who are friendly from leaguing against us speeches, nor threats nor paper arrangements will answer no further purpose nothing but the strong arm of the general Government laid heavy on these scoundrels will give the people security. should a military force be sent out the month of July will be the proper time their corn fields and their crops can be destroyed & it will be too late after to replant. The Wabash Country should be garrisoned and that River made as it were a Barrier against the future encroachments of the Savages.

I lately conducted some Prisoners to Greenville with a view of sending them home Capt. Buchanan represented to me that 20 of his men were without arms and that he was then depending on private contributions for his supplies of ammunition. he was intirely destitute of camp equi- page. It will be indispensibly necessary to maintain a force at that place all summer it has been for many years a thoroughfare for the Indians in carrying on a clandestine trade with our people for whiskey it is Known to every Indian within three hundred miles of the spot.

One complete company of 60 men will be necessary for the protection of this County the present summer in addition to the Rangers and those at Greenville from the information of the Indians we may look for mischief being done shortly The Country around Vincinnes and in that quarter generally is all Forted & we may calculate on the Indians directing their views elsewhere there is not part of the state so much exposed to the incursions of the savages as these two Counties I trust your Excellency will not withdraw Capt. Barrieres Company until it is relea ved by another the moment the military is withdrawn it will be the signal for the settle- ments to break up and the inhabitants move away - I divided Capt. Barreres company into 3 Squads 20 of them at the upper settlements on this River 10 miles from here 20 in the upper settlement or Larimies Creek 7 miles from here and 12 miles 3 1/2 Miles from here towards Still Water it was not contemplated by Capt. Barriers orders to break his company or to move higher than the Piqua, but as I apprehended no danger here he yielded to my views the settlements to be protected and were so scattered and un- connected it was indispensible to divide the company I made the best dis- position I could to afford protection to the people which I Knew was the object your Excellency had in view in ordering Capt. Barriershere

I have written this day to the Secy of War requesting the loan of 60 stand of arms from the store at New Port Ky and have offered any



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