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part on itself -- The General government will not refund unless the clothing is accounted for -- This clothing is accounted for (supposing it to be of high prices) would a part be in hands of soldiers which from various circumstances may not at the close of the campaign have a sum due them to cover so large a bill -- Those circumstances combined present difficulties in my mind, not to be got over unless those two articles are of the cheapest Kind of Woolens -- You however sir can as well as I can do calculate the situation of the Men as to their Means for clothing them- selves -- They have you know received 2 Months pay at Urbana -- Rolls up to the 30th Nov are now making out. To the whole may be added their cloth- ing account -- from which many have received Blankets, some shoes & socks -- some of the soldiers who are suffering will not make returns for cloth- ing, stating their families will require their wages to keep them from perishing, but unhappily those I have required in this letter will far exceed your Means of purchasing -- how you have received 1,000 dollars for other clothing under the Blanket Bill I cannot understand -- yet if it can be done it will be of great use to this corps,

I fear if we ever reach the Lakes the number of this Brigade will be so reduced as to be lost among the numbers of the healthy Brigades. could, or could not a reinforcement be sent on to join us at the Rapids? It would give a great spur, & action to our movements, & I think might at least give us a name among other state Troops, not probably inferior to that given us by Maj. Garret -- My life, could not save that officer was he to come into this camp --

Wishing you a prosperous united & happy session I have the honor to be with great respect your Most Obt. H. St.

Edw. W Tupper



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