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Camp near McArthurs Blockhouse
Deer. 8th 1812

Dear Sir

I ha ve been compelled to send for a supply of medicine owing in part to cur medicine chest having been crushd by the falling of a tree and in part to the great consumption necessary for the uncommon swelling of our sick list -- I have directed the express by Franklinton, that they may if possible be drawn from the Hospital Stores a t that place. If they cannot be procured at that place I must beg of you to take measures to have us supplied --

Our sick list this morning amounts to two hundred & fifty nine. Not more than 13 of those are considered dangerous but al 1 the others re- quire medical aid -- Those added to the men who cannot do buty for want of clothing will give you a melancholy picture of our Camp -- Our great number of sick a re from the situation of our Camp, Owing to the flatness of the face of the country at this place, we cannot get a camp in proper form w ithout taking in ground where the water settles. Indeed I have seen sentinels standing in mud & water half leg deep. This and the camp- ness of our Tents have created colds which fall heavily on the Lungs, often producing fevers & in all cases render the men unfit for duty--

The situation of the men as to clothing is really distressing You will see many of them wading through the snow & mud almost barefooted & half naked - we have not more than five Blankets to six men, not half of the men have a change of Pantellons, & those linen -- You were pleased to say we might expect your assistance in procuring clothing -- I pray you not to forget us -- Gen. Harrison made an order when I was at Frank- linton for furnishing us 12 hundred pr Shores, the same number prs )f socks, & 200 Blankets. They have not been heard of on this route - But in this order no provision is made for other clothing. I am therefore induced to believe we are not to expect any from the public -- If this proves to be the case, we have only to look to our friends behind us, to save the men from perishing -- Will not our fellow citizens undergo some privations, & make some sacrifices to supply those Troops; or are we to conclude, that their patriotism & I may add humanity ceases, wher the sufferings of the soldier makes a small demand that affects their pro- perty -- 500 Linen Pantellons & Hunting Shirts would be of the utmost service, if not the salvation of this little force --

Capt. Stretch agreed to guard the public stores at Manarys it will be necessary for you to make some order for relieving them if you design to continue that Post, as I understand Gen Whiteman takes umbrage that those troops should do such duty & it is reported he will not order out another company when their time expires.

Your approbation of the conduct of our Troops in one expedition to the Rapids I have communicated to them -- I lament that the state of the River prevented our strewing the ground with their dead, which ih my opinion would have ended the Indian War in this quarter of the country - all their chiefs & all the warriors tha t act in this quarter ware assembled there - I had worked the feelings of our Troops to that pitch that they were ready to mix in the more terrible conflict. nay more they were eager for it -- prisoners of men, were not to be thought of - The Bayonets were to be used from the first assault. Our Spies were to meet



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