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friendship , the Indians as soon as they saw them raised the war hoof and in other respects acted as if an attack was intended, they were fired upon by one of our men and with much a do our men were restrained from destroying them all - the Indians acted in a manner, indicating exultation or defiance as I am informed - a few days since as I am informed a man by the name of Gurtridge being out on a scout came across an Indian lying asleep with three rifles by him, two of those it is con- jectured belonged to the Thomas's whether this is a fact or not, has not as yet been ascertained the Indian:and guns were brought in -- On the 18th in the evening a man was shot by an Indian near the head of lost Creek and a woman tomhawked -- the man ran and was pursued by the Indian -- the Indian at length fell, and upon my [?] returned to the woman without his gun, left the children that were with their parents in the flax patch and went off -- the man lay near them that night the next day he was found, the Indians gun was also found -- A Mr. Keizer upon seeing the gun -- after it was found stated that he would swear that he shot at a mark in Washington with an Indian who shot with that gun, the gun is rather a remakrable one and can easily be recognized after having been once seen -- about the same time of the same day another man was killed about three miles off -- On the llth a woman was shot in the arm by an Indian six miles west of Springfield -- Those are the injuries which have been done on our frontiers so far as I have been informed -- I am well assured that unless the Indians are removed from our frontiers that the people will rise enmasse and remove them, if they cannot by gentle method by force, for I do assure you so long as they remain on the frontier it is impossible to guard against mischief -- we know not a hostile Indian until too late -- I was last evening informed by Mr. Wilson that there was a party of about 1000 men out with the determination of bringing the Indians in and to kill all who would not consent to come in --

You may rest assured sir that every thing in my power to protect the frontier shall be done, I should be happy to receive your answer by the first opportunity - With every sentiment of respect believe me to re- main your very Hble Servt

Benjamin Whiteman
Maj Genl Commdg. 5th Division O Militia



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