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all the reports of hostile Indians being harbored here were false; but as their representations were disregarded, they particularly desired Mr. Laffen who keeps the principal tavern there, to ride in haste hither, strongly to recommend to them, in their name, to behave themselves in a becoming manner, and to give due notice here of their approach and intentions.

This affair, I am happy to be able to add, appears to havebeen very serviceable to the Indians here. That a number of armed men, should, without any authority for it, take upon themselves to come at midnight upon peaceable people, and molest them in search of enemies of the country; and that without any cause given for it on the part of those who were so molested; or any thing discovered that could in any way criminate them, or shew that there was the least foundation for the suspicions entertained: has been, it seem, the means of raising the general voice [cut out] us much in their favor. They are now described as faithful [cut out] good citizens, and the very best of neighbors, who ought never be treated with less respect than white people. The open conduct of the only two Indian men who were found here, must have done them credit with whoever saw them, as they stood unappalled near me, when I held the candle in the midst of the armed me; who, had there been any enemies near, the Indians must have known, gave them the best opportunities of taking a sure aim at them.

Another favorable circumstance for the Indians here, has taken place since my letter of the 8th. was addressed to Your Excellency. The Indian whom I then described, as having chiefly contributed to alarm men's minds here, as to danger to be apprehended from Indian warriors; came here again of hi own accord on the 14th, which happened to be a day when the militia of the whole county w ere assembled in our neighborhood. In consequence of representations from us, he shewed hi self publickly here on that day to many people, especially from New Philadelphia; & such explanations were given, in part by himself, and in part by others for him, as appeared to give in general much satisfaction. - The ferment respecting danger to be apprehended from the abode of a few Indians here, I trust is now subsiding.

I am, most respectfully, Sir, Your Excellency's most obedt. hble. servt

Benjamin Mortimer.

[To Meigs]



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