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of the U. States, and who on that very account, could not if they would, safely live among other Indians. But they have no disposition to separate themselves from the American people, nor is it pretended by any one, that a sentiment unfriendly to the U. States, can be justly laid to their charge. Upon a late occasion, they expressed themselves to me to the following effect: "We did not come here of ourselves, but have "been con- ducted by our minister to this place appointed by Congress for us to reside on. Here therefore, in this times of war, as well as in peace, we rely upon being protected & cared for. Nor do we think that we should be more secure by moving to any other place." -- These, Sir, are the people whom I humbly beg leave to recommend to the especial protection of Your Excellenc; The danger to which they seem at present to be most exposed, I request permission to remark, would, in my humble opinion, be removed, if an ass- urance could be given, that, on their account, no part of the militia should be called from this county. Thus the peace of the county would probably be preserved; and the inhabitants, during the time of war would no longer complain, as they do now loudly and with threats, that the mere residence here of peaceable Indians, on land given for them by Congress, puts them in danger of their lives. I beg Your Excellency will excuse the great Liberty I have taken in offering this suggestion, which is only done from the serious considerations, that the public peace here, and human lives that are committed in a manner to my charge, appear to be at hazard. The same proposal I have also mentioned to Col. Bay, and requested him too, if he thinks proper, to submit it to Your Excellency.

I am, most respectfully, Sir, Your Excellency's most obedt. servt.

Benjamin Mortimer.

[To Meigs.]



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