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Indian they will shoot him, and that they will also shoot any Indian who will take the part of such a one. I have even been assured by the most credible persons, that some have asserted openly -- possibly only when intoxicated -- that they would kill every Indian here, before they left their families and marched with the militia; and the persons who gave me this information, have repeatedly added, that they believe this to be the prevailing sentinent in the county.

In consideration of having received accounts that stated all this, I have ever since availad myself of every opportunity, to give assurances to the white people around us, that no hostile Indians were secreted in or near this place; and the same has been confirmed by the testimony of all the Indians who reside here. The fact is, no Indian has come here from any other place, since nearly a month before the declaration of war was made, except the above-mentioned elderly man from Green-town. He arrived here unexpectedly on the 4 July; and had no business at this place, and only, as far as we know, at a gunsmith's on Still water creek. We have not seen him here these two weeks past. -- I have strongly recommended to the Indians here, not to go for the present to any places where they are not well known. -- To Mr. Varnum, the U. States Agent at Sandusky, I have written, to request him, for reasons assigned, to prevent, as much as lay in his power, all other Indians from coming to this place. -- If any arrive, I have promised to give notice of the same in New Philadelphia. And I have endeavored to recommend the Indians here in the best manner to the protection of the magistrates, and the military officers who live nearest to us. -- This, as far as I can judge, is all that can at present be done here by a missionary, for the personal safety of Indians,

But I beg leave to assure Your Excellency, that these precautionary measures, I am convinced, as not sufficient for the security of the people of this place against the threats that have been uttered against them. At same time I must say, that there is no intention, I apprehend, to put these threats into execution, unless the draft that has been lately made of the militia receives marching orders, Col. Bay, the principal military man in New Philadelphia, who has evinced the most friendly disposition to- wards us, has declared to me more than once very candidly, that in case any attempt should be made to molest the Indians hero, he could afford them no succor; and still less is this to be expected from our county magistrates. This our unprotected state, I attribute chiefly to the fears that are entertained among the white people, of evils to be expected from supposed hostile Indians, that they imagine will some time or other come here. It cannot be denied however, that it proceeds also in part, from the blood-thirsty spirit against the Indians in general, by which many persons appear to be actuated.

From this representation of facts, which I have endeavored to make as correct as possible, Your Excellency will perceive the necessity that I am under of applying to You, as the supreme executive in this State, for such relief and protection, as in Your judgement, the Indians who reside here stand in need of, When they are in danger of their lives from a popular tumult against them, there is no arm of power nearer than Yourself to look to for succor for them. -- It is universally acknowledged that they are peaceable and quiet members of society, of whom there is not the least reason to doubt, that they are sincerely attached to the U. States, and to their government and people. The fact moreover is, that the greater part of the present inhabitants here, are descendants of Killbuck and White-eyes, who were known during the revolutionary war as staunch friends



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