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Captain Barclay &c &c &c


Montreal 7th June 1814


This day I received your letter of the 5th instant.

On the day of your Sailing from Amherstburg for the last time in September last, with the Fleet under your Command, I had not the best of my recollection (for having had the misfortune to have lost my Pro- vision Accounts Letter & Memorandum Books after the defeat of the Army to which I was attached on the 5. October 1813 I will write from Memory more than twenty Barrels of Flour part if not the whole of which was borrowed by me from the Inhabitants from the small quantities laid in for their families. Of Pork I had not more than ten Barrels which I had for some time kept as a dernier resort. We had so long fed upon the Cattle of the Country that it was with the greatest difficulty that I could procure any more. There was still some What in the Country, but from the few Mill streams (being as you well know a very level Country) the extreme dry & warm weather by which these were not of any service in our time of need -- and the want of wind at that season of the Year prevented the Wind Mills from being of any material use - So that I was obliged to serve out Wheat to the Indians in lieu of Flour and two days after you sailed the Flour having entirely failed I was reduced to the necessity of feeding the Troops on Potatoes. I had Agents or people of my own Department in every place where there was the least hopes of obtaining provisions of any Sort, but latterly to little or no purpose.

The number of Indians including men women & children were at that time about fourteen thousand-- and for some time they had been very clamorous for Provisions and it was to be feared that they would soon proceed to the most desperate measures to procure supplies. They had already killed Working Oxen, Milk Cows Hogs Sheep and even Dogs belong- ing to the Inhabitants to such extent that the owners talked openly about the necessity of turning their Arms against them in defence of their pro- perty. They had waited upon me threatening to take me to their Camp and there keeping me without Provisions should I not provide for them more abundantly. All this I had often Reported to Major General Proctor Commg. and also to yourself. Dy Commy. Genl. Couches Letters informed us of a large Depot formed by him at Long Point to you. I fondly looked for the transport of the Flour & Pork Stores there for our use, without a speedy supply I saw nothing but Starvation for us. You made the attempt, it was considered necessary, but alas! it failed.

So far as I have here stated facts, I do it on the honor of an Officer & Gentleman

I have the honor to be Sir Your most obedt. Servt.



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