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completely unmanageable every Brace cut away, the Mizen Topmast and Gaff down, all the othe r Masts badly Wounded, not a Stay loft forward, Hull shattered very much a number of the Guns disabled, and Squadron Raking both Ships ahead and astern none of our oeyn in a situation to support us I was under the painful necessity of answering the Enemy to say we had struck, the Queen Charlotte having previously done so. I have the Honor to remain Sir your obedient humble servant

(Signed) George Inglis Lieutenant

To Captain Barclay &c &c &c

Copy. A List of Killed and Wounded in His Hajestys Ships and Vessels under mentioned in Action with an American Squadron on Lake Erie Upper Canada 10th. Septr. 1813.

                               To wha
    Names           Qualities  Ship or  Killed Wounded Remarks
John Garland       Lieut        Detroit Killed
Thomas Clarke      Quart Master do      do
John Barnes        Landsman     do      do
John Bolan         Ordinary     do      do
Chris Brassam      do           do      do
Danl Mead          Able Seaman  do      do
Thomas Fatig       Private R.N.
                    Rcgt.       do      do
William Gardner    do           Go      do
John Smith         do           do      do
Thomas Ancliff     do           do      do
James Bowe         do           do      do
R. H. Barclay      Captain      do              Wounded  Dangerously
J.M.lHoffminster   Purser       do              do       do
Thomas Anderson    BoatsngMate  do              do       Slightly
James Olleron      Able Seamn.  do              do       Severely
Geo. Mulgrove      do           do              do       do
Benj, Hipponstall  do           do              do       do
Louis Langlois     do           do              do       Slightly
Dennis McMay       Ordy.        do              do       Severely
Bernard Bouchil    Landsman     do              do       Slightly
Ariel Crossly      do           do              do       do
James Graham       Quarter              do       Severely
Louis Vandum Acre  Ordy         do              do       Slightly
Geo Dogger         do           do              do       Dangerously
                                                           Since Dead
Henry Shurman      do           do              do       Slightly
Thomas James       Carp.Mate    Detroit         Wounded  Slightly
Elisha Mitchell    Landsman     do              do       do
Richd. Joull       Able Seaman  do              do       Severely

Alex Arrow          Ordy.       do              do       Slightly
Joseph Lewis        Boy         do              do       Severely
John Falpion        Sergt.R.G.
                      Rogt.     do              do       Slightly
Jermnnh, Thomas     do          do              do       Dangerously
Mathew Osdell       Corpl do    do              do       Slightly
William Alley       do          do              do       Dangerously
Alex McLood         Private do  do              do       Slightly
John Mitchell       do          do              do       Severely
William Bryan       do          do              do       Dangerously
Spmuol Lux          do          do              do       Slightly
Patrick Pirer       do          do              do       do
David Power         do          do              do       do
Patrick Riley       do          do              do       Severely
Joth Thomas         do          do              do       Slightly
David Green         do 41 Rgt.  do              do       do
James Bolman        do          do              do       Severely
William, Liversloy  do          do              do       Severely
William Joung       do          do              do       Slightly
William Hart        do          do              do       Severely
Miles Wermesley     do          do              do       Slightly
Patrick Boyle       do          do              do       do
Rot. Dunamore       do          do              do       do
Robt, Finnis        Captain     Queen
                              Charlotte Killed
John Willibrook     Ordy.Seaman do        do
Thomas Jones        Able Seaman do        do
Martin Tadley       do          do        do
William Samuel      Landsman    Queen
                              Charlotte Killed
William Pearce      do          do      do
James Addison       Captn.Servt do      do
James Gordon        Lieut R. N.
                          Regt. do      do
Richd. Hawkins      Private do  do      do
Michl. Brenman      do          do      do
Thomas Fonham       do          do      do
John Linard         do 41 Regt  do      do
Samuel Freath       do          do      do
Cornelius Coackley  do          do      do
James Barter        do          do      do
Thomas Watkins      do          do      do
John Ratcliff       do          do      do
William Borman      do          do      do
William Stokes      Lieutenant  do              Wounded  Severely
James Fortil        Midshipnen  do              do       Slightly
Charles Noher       Boats Mate  do              do       Severely
William Cooper      Guns. Mate  do              do       Dangerously
Archd, Williams     Carp Crew   do              do       do
John Purvoe         N.F. Regt.  do              do       do
Geo. Hicothinson    Able Seaman do              do       do
John A. Lettarte    Ordy.       do              do       Slightly
Peter Logue              do       Severely
Michl Chamberlain   Quart Genl  do              do       do
Robt, Collins                   do              do       do
John Donald         Able Seaman do              do       Slightly
Danl McDonald       Serjt. N.F.
                       Regto    do              do       do
John Tivo           Private do  do              do       Dangerously
Geo Preston         do          do              do       Slightly
John Gowers         do          do              do       Severely
John Breach         Private 41  Queen
                        Regt    Charlotte       Wounded  Dangerously
William Smith       do          do              do       do
Geo Wearh,am        do          do              do       do
John Bucket         do          do              do       Severely
John Locket         do          do              do       do
Ecvard Vfnito       do          do              do       Dangerously
Rol. Solway         do          do              do       do
Geo Staff           do          do              do       Severely
Charles Powers      Landsman    Lady
                                Prevost Killed
Allasan Shaw        do          do      do
Peter Taupr[?]      do          do      do
William W'oodland   Serjt R. N.F.
                          Regt. do      do
Rob M.ansfiold      Private do  do      do
Nathli  Carpenter   db          do      do
Geo Goulding        do          do      do
William Jones       do          do      do
E.H. Buchan         Lieut &Coms do              Wounded  Dangerously
Fredk, Rollette     Lieut Provt.
                           Navy do      ~       do       Severely
Lewis Johnson       Volunteer   do              do       do
Charles Wilson      Ordy        do              do       do
John Lott           Ordy        do              do       Slightly
John Hall           Ordy.       do              do       Slightly
David Langley       Boats Mate  do              do       Severely
Anty !liller        Carp Crew   do              do       Slightly
Hy. Beauchamp       Ordy        do              do       do
John Renick         Private N.F.
                        Regt.   do              do       Dangerously
Laurence Costigin   do          do              do       Slightly
John Purdy          do          do              do       Severely
Edward Cavenagh     do          do              do       Slightly
Thomas Steel        do          do              do       do
James LeVie         Private N.F.Lady
                       Regt     Prevost         Wounded  Severely
James Taylor        do 41       do              do       do
William Jackson     do          do              do       do
   ""   Webber      do          do              do       Slightly
John Norris (2)     do          do              do       do
        Davis       do          do              do       do
Joseph Le Plat      Landsman    Hunter  Killed
Fras. Vallamont     do          do      do
Geo Bignell         Lieut &               Wounded Severely
Hy. Gatesmill       Master Mate do               do       Slightly
William i.a-vwby    Boy         do               do       Severely
John Blacker        Private 41
                          Regt  do               do       Severely
Lewis Donald        do      Killed
Rob. Ruley          do          do               Wounded  Dangerously
Geo OtNeil          do        Chippeway Killed
John Campbell       Master Mate
                    Commanding  do               Wounded  Slightly
Ralph Gerow         Landsman    do               do       Severely
John Fry            do          do               do       Slightly
Thomas Blumeh       Private N.F.
                         Regt.  do               do       Severely
                  Killed       Wounded  
Officers            3            9
Men                38           85
total              41           94 

(Signed) R. H. Barclay

Corrander & late Senr,Officer



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