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possessed to equip them on Lake Erie, the Want of a sufficient Number of able Seamen whom he had repeatedly and earnestly requested to be sent to him the very great superiority of the Force of the Enemy to the British Squadron and the unfortunate early fall of the superior Officers in the Action. That it appeared that the greatest Exertions had been made by Captain Barclay in equipping and getting into Order the Vessels under his Command - That he was fully justified under the existing Circumstance in bringing the Enemy to Action That the Judgment and Gallantry of Captain Barclay in taking his Squadron into Action and during the Contest were highly conspicuous and entitled him to the highest praise, and that the whole of the other Officers and Men of His Majestys late Squadron conducted themselves in the most gallant Manner -- And did adjudge the said Captain Robert Heriot Barclay his Surviving Officers and Men to be most fully and most honourably acquitted.

The Court was again opened, Captain Barclay and his Surviving Offi- cers brought in, Audience admitted and Sentence passed accordingly - Narrative of the Proceedings during the Command of Captain Barclay of His Majesty's Squadron on Lake Erie

Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Court --

On my Arrival at Bermuda in Feby. 1813 Sir John Borlaive Warren received an Application from Sir George Prevost to send some Captains Lieutenants and Seamen to man three Corvettes on Lake Ontario.

I was sent with Captains Finnes & Pring, Six Lieutenants and Gunners to Halifax, for the purpose of proceeding with as much expedition as possible to Quebec and from thence to the Lake Ontario.

On my arrival at Kingston on the Lake I took command of the Corvette No. 1 then called the Wolfe by appointment from Sir John B. Warren about three weeks after my taking the Command I was superseded by the arrival of Sir James Lucas Yeo with a large detachment of Officers and Seamen from England and appointed by that Officer to the superintendance of the Gun Boats for the time being - Soon after my appointment to the Gun Boats it was judged necessary to send a Naval Establishment to Lake Erie to render the Squadron on that Lake effective, which it was not considered to be under the Provincial Marine.

This Command was offered to Captain Mulcaster the next in Command to Sir James Yeo who to my personal knowledge declined it in consequence of its ineffectual State and Sir James Yeo refusing to send Seamen -- On Captain Mulcaster's declining I was ordered to proceed to that Lake with three Lieutenants, one Surgeon and Purser a Master's Mate and 19 Men, 12 of these were Canadians who had been discharged from his own Squadron on Lake Ontario the others were the most worthless Characters



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