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To the Officers

Q. Have either of you any Complaint to make against Captain Barclay respecting his Conduct on the occasion?

A. None whatever.

Q. Are the Contents of the Narrative of Captain Barclay more particular- ly as to the Scarcity of Provision at Lake Erie and the want of Seamen on board the Squadron correct and true as far as came within your knowledge and to the best of your belief?

A. They are we were particularly short of Seamen.

Q. How many Men had you on board the Queen Charlotte that you could call experienced Seamen?

A. Note more than ten with the petty officers we had on board between One hundred and twenty and One hundred and thirty Men, Officers and all together.

Q. How man Men had you on board that had been accustomed to work the great Guns with a Ship in Motion?

A. Only the Men that came up from the Dover three Days before we sailed we had sixteen of them boys included from the Dover, the rest we had learnt ourselves since our arrival on the Lake.

Q. Do you know whether the other Vessels that composed the Squadron of Captain Barclay were equally deficient in Seamen?

A. All the other Vessels were equally deficient in point of Seamen except the Detroit might have had a few more on Account of being a larger Vessel.

Q. Were you a Prisoner on board the American Vessels?

A. No I remained on board our own Vessel six Weeks after we were captured I never was on board any of the Enemys Vessels.

Q. How many of those Seamen of the British Squadron were killed and wounded?

A. One killed and four wounded of the able Seamen on board the Queen Charlotte

Q. At half an Allowance how many Days provision had you on board the Queen Charlotte when you went out?

A. We might have had a Weeks at half Allowance of Provisions but not of Spirits they were preserved for the Action, and all consumed on that day we had none served out for several days before.



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