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Treasury Department,
Fourth Auditor's Office,
21st November, 1818.

Your letter of the 14th of the present month, addressed to the Second Comptroller of the Treasury, and a copy of a resolution of the House of Representatives, passed on the 4th of April last, which requires a particular statement of the expenditures of sundry appropriations to reward officers and crews for the capture of vessels from the enemy, during the late war, have been, by the Comptroller, referred to this office.

I have the honor, sir, to report thereon, anti to transmit state- ments showing the expenditures, as far as can be accomplished with- in the short time assigned to me for this purpose.

1st: The statement, marked A, exhibits the amount of moneys appropriated; the names of the prize agents, to whom the same has been paid; the amount expended, and the balances which remain in the agents hands, as appears by accounts settled, or on file, in this office.

2d: B exhibits the amount paid George S. Wise, junr. to the officers and crew of the ship Wasp; the persons to whom; the period when paid; and the balance due to sundry seamen, unclaimed.

3(1: C. exhibits the amount paid by Samuel Hambleton to the officers, seamen. and others, attached to the Lake Erie station; the persons to whom; the periods when paid; and the balances un- expended.

4th: D, shows the amount paid bv George Beall, junr. to the officers, seamen. and others, attached to Lake Champlain station; the persons to whom paid, and the balances unexpended.

5th: E Copy of a statement from Charles Biddle, of the amount paid by him to the officers and crew of the ship Hornet; and a copy of his letter to Benjamin Homans, on the subject of his agen- cy. There has not been any list of persons or payments received with this statement.

It has been found impracticable to prepare, in time, correct statements of the expenditures made by Charles W. Goldsborough, Cox and Montaudevert, and Littleton W. Tazewell; nor can the pe- riods of payment be given, as in most cases, none have been noted on the rolls. Mr. Tazewell's accounts have been presented at this of; fice, and great progress has been made in their examination; a want of form in some of the vouchers, has been the cause why it has not been completed.

The statements, marked B. C. D. and E, were prepared by the agents, in obedience to a previous order from the Secretary of the Navy.

I have the honor to be,
With great respect, Sir,
Your most ob't. humble servant,
4th Auditor.
The honorable
The Secretary of the Navy.

Letter from J. C. Calhoun to Navy Department
Front Cover
First Table
Second Table
Third Table
Fourth Table
Letters from Charles Biddle, Jr.


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