Cultural Resources

This list represents only some of the institutions, archives, museums, and cultural sites with information about the cultural heritage of the Ohio Valley.  Many other organizations, universities, libraries, and county historical societies have archives dedicated to archaeology, history, and Native American culture.  Please call sites and museums for seasonal hours of operation or to arrange group field trips.

Ohio / Kentucky / Indiana / West Virginia / Bibliography / Curriculum Guides / Websites
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Ohio Historical Center
Columbus, (614) 297-2300
Headquarters of the Ohio Historical Society,
museum, library, and site staff.

Fort Ancient State Memorial
Warren County, (800) 283-8904
Museum, cultural center, trails, and site staff.

Fort Hill State Memorial
Highland County, (937) 588-3221
Museum, trails, and site staff.

Serpent Mound State Memorial
Adams County, (800) 752-2757
Museum, trails, and site staff.

Moundbuilders State Memorial
Licking County, (800) 600-7178
Moundbuilders, Octagon, and Flint Ridge
state memorials
Museums, trails, and site staff.

Hopewell Culture National Historic Park
Ross County, (614) 774-1125
Museum, cultural center, and site staff.

SunWatch Village
Montgomery County, (937) 268-8199
Museum, re-created Fort Ancient village, and site staff.

Cincinnati Museum Center
Hamilton County, (513) 287-7000
Cincinnati Museum of Natural History
Cincinnati Historical Society
Museums, archives, cultural center, and site staff.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Cuyahoga County, (216) 231-4600
Museum, cultural center, and site staff.

Dayton Museum of Discovery
Montgomery County, (937) 275-7431
Museum, cultural center, and site staff.

Licking County Historical Society
Newark, (740) 345-4898
Museum, archive, and site staff.

Pickaway County Historical Society
P.O. Box 85, Circleville, Ohio, 43113-0085

Ross County Historical Society
Chillicothe, (614) 772-1936
Museum, archive, and site staff.

Sauder Historical Village
Archbold, (800) 590-9755
Living history museum and site staff.

Washington County Public Library
Marietta, (740) 373-1057
Archive and site staff.


Museum of Anthropology, University of Kentucky
Lexington, (606) 257-7112
Museum, cultural center, and site staff.

Kentucky Heritage Council
Frankfort, (502) 564-7005
Cultural resource center and site staff.

Wickliffe Mounds Research Center
Ballard County, (502) 335-3681
Museum, cultural center, and site staff.


Mounds State Park
Anderson, (765) 642-6627
Camping, trails, and site staff.

Minnetrista Cultural Center
Muncie, (765) 282-4848
Museum, library, and site staff.

Museums of Prophetstown
Lafayette, (765) 423-4617
Prophetstown Council for the Preservation
of Great Lakes Native American Culture.

Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology
Bloomington, (812) 855-9544
Museum, cultural center, and archaeology staff.

Angel Mounds State Historic Site
 Evansville, (812) 853-3956
Museum, cultural center, and archaeology staff.

West Virginia

Grave Creek Mound Historic Site
Moundsville, (304) 843-4128
Museum, cultural center, and site staff.

Further Readings and Resources


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Edited by William S. Dancey and Paul J. Pacheco,
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A View from the Core: A Synthesis of Ohio Hopewell Archaeology (1996)
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Archaeological Conservancy
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in The Evolution of Eden:  Peoples, Societies, and Interpretations of Early Kentucky,
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"Dispelling the Myth:  17th and 18th Century Indian Life in Kentucky"
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Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley (1848)
first in the series "Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge"
Smithsonian Institution.
Report on the Mound Explorations of the Bureau of Ethnology (1895)
in "12th Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology", 1890-1891
Reprinted in 1985 by the Smithsonian Institution.
Atlas of Great Lakes Indian History (1986)
Edited by Helen Hornbeck Tanner.
Newberry Library
University of Oklahoma Press
Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley:  A Guide to Adena and Ohio Hopewell Sites (1986)
Susan Woodward and Jerry McDonald
The McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company
Fantastic Archaeology:  The Wild Side of North American Prehistory (1991)
Stephen Williams
University of Pennsylvania Press
Moundbuilders of Ancient America (1968)
Robert Silverberg
New York Graphic Society
Curriculum Guides
"People Who Came Before: The Hopewell Culture Curriculum Guide" (1997)
A comprehensive guide designed for 4-6th grade students available free to educators from the National Park Service, Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, (740) 774-1125
"The Hopewell Indians" (1970)
A coloring book designed for primary grade students available from Eastern National at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, (740) 774-1125
"Moundbuilders State Memorial" and "Flint Ridge State Memorial"
Two lesson plans for field trips, available from the Ohio Historical Society, (800) 600-7178
Various educational resources
available via the Kentucky Archaeological Survey's Educational Network, (606) 257-1919
Web sites
Official Website of Angel Mounds State Historic Site, an ancient Mississippian village located near Evansville, Indiana.
The Center for the Electronic Reconstruction of Archaeological and Historical Sites, University of Cincinnati, which is creating the first computer animation models of the ancient earthworks of the Ohio Valley.
Cleveland Museum of Natural History site with up-to-date information about the museum's research, collections, exhibits and programs.
Native Peoples magazine site with detailed listings of educational resources and tribal centers.
Hopewell Culture National Historical Park site with a virtual visitor's center and research updates.
Ohio Historical Society site with information about the society's various events, museums, archaeological sites, and archival resources.
Society for American Archaeology site with current information about archaeology lesson plans and curriculum development.
Smithsonian Institution home page with directories to the National Museum of the American Indian, and the Department of Anthropology/National Anthropological Archives.
Kentucky Heritage Council site with news and information about preservation, archaeology, publications, the State Historic Preservation Office, the Native American Heritage Committee and professional conferences.
Kentucky Archaeological Survey site which is jointly administered by the Kentucky Heritage Council and the Department of Anthropology of the University of Kentucky. This site includes detailed information about archaeological research and publications (past and present), a quiz and summary of Kentucky prehistory, as well as public education resources available via the Kentucky Archaeological Teachers Network.
The West Virginia Archaeological Research Library site includes a comprehensive listing of research, archives, publications, photographs, maps, a virtual library of artifacts and a bibliography of articles printed in the West Virginia Archaeologist.
"History of Native Americans in West Virginia," as compiled by the West Virginia State Archives. Includes information on early cultures and the "Prehistory of the Kanawha Valley," by Dr. Robert F. Maslowski.
Native American Tribes
This list represents the Native American tribes that participated in the documentary Searching for the Great Hopewell Road.  Many tribes sponsor cultural events and powwows open to the general public.  Several tribal centers have public libraries, archives, and exhibits.  The professional and volunteer staffs of Native American tribes receive hundreds of requests for information every week.  The production team recommends that you first write a brief letter with a specific request before calling for information.
Delaware Tribe of Indians of Eastern Oklahoma
108 S. Seneca, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 74113
Western Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma
P.O. Box 825, Anadarko, Oklahoma, 73005
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
P.O. Box 1326, Miami, Oklahoma, 74355
Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma
P.O. Box 110, Miami, Oklahoma, 74355
Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma
P.O. Box 350, Seneca, Missouri, 64865
Loyal Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma
P.O. Box 893, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 74465
Native American Artists
The following Native American artists and musicians generously contributed their professional advice and talent to the documentary.
Doug Donnell ("Drum Keeper," Delaware Tribe of Eastern Oklahoma)
Mr. Donnell contributed two songs to the documentary recorded in 1994 at a woodland symposium held in New Philadelphia, Ohio.  The songs feature a traditional water drum, gourd rattles and accompaniment by Mike Pace and Curtis Zunigha.  Contact:  Doug Donnell, Delaware Tribe of Eastern Oklahoma, 108 S. Seneca, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74113.
Ruthe Blalock Jones (Delaware/Shawnee/Peoria)
Ruthe Blalock Jones is one of the foremost authorities on traditional Native American art.  An internationally recognized artist and scholar, Ms. Blalock serves as director and associate professor of art at Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  She holds a masters in humanities and fine arts from Northeastern State University, and a bachelors in painting from the University of Tulsa.  Her artwork is found in the permanent collections of such prestigious institutions as the Philbrook Museum and the Museum of the American Indians.  She has earned numerous honors and awards, including the Governor's Art Award, State of Oklahoma.  Several examples of Ms. Blalock's extensive portfolio accompany her description of the Delaware Big House ceremony which is presented in the "Woodland Traditions" segment of the documentary.  Contact:  Ruthe Blalock Jones, c/o Pangea Productions Ltd., P.O. Box 9265, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209-0265.
Julie Olds (Miami Tribe of Oklahoma)
Julie Olds specializes in portraiture and traditional American Indian themes.  Ms. Olds is regularly commissioned for works in all media, including graphite, oils, and pastels.  Her watercolor ("Our Life On His Back") closes the opening scene in the "Woodland Traditions" segment of the documentary.  She and her husband, Dustin, own Neosho River Hardwoods, which makes easels and art supplies sold across the U.S.  Ms. Olds received a bachelor of arts degree from Missouri Southern State college.  She holds several leadership positions within the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, including tribal secretary and treasurer, clerk of the language program, and tribal archivist, and is a member of the tribal cultural committee, the committee for language revitalization, and the steering committee for a new history book to be written and published by the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.  Contact:  Julie Olds, Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, P.O. Box 1326, Miami, Oklahoma 74355.
Don Secondine (Delaware Tribe of Eastern Oklahoma)
Don Secondine is nationally recognized as a composer, musician, flutemaker, silversmith, and gunsmith.  Mr. Secondine works as an associate at Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio.  He has been invited to teach at cultural events, museums, and workshops across the U.S.  Secondine is often commissioned to create musical instruments, silver ornaments, and historic rifles.  His traditional flute music is heard throughout the documentary soundtrack, including "Lenape Love Song" which accompanies a creation legend he tells in the "Woodland Traditions" segment.  Contact:   Don Secondine, Sauder Village, State Route 2, P.O. Box 235, Archbold, Ohio 43502
National Archives
American Antiquarian Society
185 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA. 01609-1634
(508) 755-5221
American Philosophical Society
104 S. Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19106-3387
(215) 440-3400
Field Museum of Natural History
Roosevelt Road at Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL. 60605
(312) 922-9410
Newberry Library
D'Arcy McNickle Center for the History of the American Indian
60 West Walton St., Chicago, IL. 60610-3380
(312) 943-9090
Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Harvard University
11 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, MA. 02138
(617) 495-2248
Smithsonian Institution
General information (202) 357-2700
National Anthropological Archives
National Museum of Natural History, Department of Anthropology, MRC-152
Washington, D.C. 20560
(202) 357-1976
Research by appointment only
National Museum of the American Indian
George Gustav Heye Center, Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House
(Handles all public inquiries until the National Museum of the American Indian is built on the Mall in Washington.)
One Bowling Green, New York, NY. 10004
(212) 514-3700