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Start a History Day Club!

image from the History Day competition, OHS photo So you've participated in History Day and your teacher or school is not participating this year . You and your classmates would like to continue doing History Day. So what now? Start a History Day Club at your school! This page has the information you need to get a History Day Club started.

How to Start a History Day Club

  • Talk to your Social Studies/ History teacher, friends and classmates to find out who might be interested.

  • Contact the National History Day in Ohio Office for information on how to start a History Day Club. The National History Day in Ohio staff will be glad to make a presentation at your school about the program and starting a History Day Club.

  • Ask your teacher, librarian or media specialist to be or suggest a faculty advisor and how to begin a club at your school. You also may want to have a parent advisor as well who would be willing to hold meetings at their house on weekends and non-school days.

  • Work on getting a meeting space at your school to hold a preliminary and organizational meeting for those who are interested in helping to get the club started. Invite the National History Day in Ohio staff or your District Coordinator to a preliminary meeting.

  • Once you are organized, send an e-mail to or a letter to the National History Day in Ohio office at the Ohio Historical Society requesting History Day Club Membership. Include the name(s) of your Teacher/ Parent advisors, your advisors contact information, School address, Phone and E-mail. Once your club is registered with the National History Day in Ohio Office, your club advisor(s) will receive a packet containing information to further benefit your club including guides to create a Club Charter, Constitution and By-Laws as well as a flier template to advertise your club and other helpful materials to get you started.

  • Create a Constitution and By-Laws for your club explaining the purpose of your organization, membership, officer's duties, elections, meetings, dues and fundraising, and amendments. Download the Constitution and Bylaws Sample. Make sure you get copies to your school student activity administration and to the National History Day in Ohio Office.

  • Advertise in your school about your newly formed History Day Club and advertise your first official meeting, also provide contact information in case someone is interested but cannot come to the meeting.

  • In your first official meeting, discuss when the most convenient meeting time is for everyone and ask for input on club goals and activities such as research field trips and project workdays. Download the History Day Club Possible Activities .

National History Day In Ohio
Ohio Historical Society
1982 Velma Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43211

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Historical Society!

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