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How Will Your Entry Be Judged?

image from the History Day competition, OHS photo When your project is judged the judges are evaluating your project using three different levels of criteria.

  • Historical Quality
    The Historical Quality of your project is worth 60% when it comes to the judges final decision. Historical quality focuses on accuracy of facts, analysis and interpretation of the material, an understanding of historical context, a wide array research represented in the annotated bibliography, a balanced presentation of your materials (un biased) and the use of available primary sources.
  • Relation to the Theme
    How your project relates to the annual theme is worth 20%. An entry should clearly relate to the annual theme.
  • Clarity of your Presentation
    This criteria is also worth 20% in your final evaluation. Clarity of presentation focus on whether the entry is presented in an effective, original and creative manner.

The judges will also consider an entry in compliance to the rules in the final consideration. Failure to follow the rules will count against an entry in the final decisions by the judges.

At every level of competition ALL JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL!

Judging forms
Would you like to know what the judges use to evaluate studentsí work at district, state and national levels? Then check out the National History Day judging forms online. Download the official National History Day Evaluation Forms (in Adobe Acrobat PDF), for the exhibit, research paper, documentary, website and performance categories. Some teachers use these forms as part of their rubric for evaluating student work in the classroom.

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Historical Society!

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