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image from the History Day competition, OHS photo National History Day in Ohio conducts a number of workshops during the school year and introductory sessions.

New Webinars Scheduled!
January 9- 13: Category Tips

4:00- 5:00pm each day
Each day this week will be devoted to a different category or aspect about History Day.

January 9: Exhibit Category
January 10: Documentary Category
January 11: Website Category
January 12: Performance Category
January 13: Thesis Statement and What Are the Judges Looking For?

Cost will be $10 per webinar

January 31: Citations and Annotations

If interested, please email and we can send you a link to a powerpoint covering citations and annotations.

Visit the Ohio History E-Store to register for all webinars.

If you have suggestions for topics to be covered in a 1-2 hour webinar, please email the office:
Cost varies for webinars.

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Historical Society!

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