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Welcome to Geocaching!

Family finding the geocache, OHS imageDo you want to test your skills in a whole new way at the Ohio Historical Society sites? Why not try geocaching? Geocaching is a combination of a treasure hunt and a hike that requires the use of a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. While some people define it as a sport and others a hobby, it is an activity that can be enjoyed individually or with groups of friends or family.

Let's show you what the Ohio Historical Society has to offer those who want to connect with Ohio's past while participating in this sensational new form of adventure.

What is Geocaching?

The objective of geocaching is to locate hidden"caches" using GPS technology and a little sleuthing. A cache is a waterproof box that contain a log book for all successful searchers to sign and few small trinkets like foreign currency, small rubber animals, stickers and toy action figures that geocachers exchange with each other.

The geocaching craze has been gaining in popularity in the United States and around the world since 2000 when the US Government opened up GPS satellite technology to civilians. The GPS uses longitude and latitude coordinates to pinpoint the exact position of handheld GPS receivers. Geocachers begin their search for caches at the the official web site where they can find the coordinates of caches in specific areas by zip code or large cities. The Geocache web site requires Free registration in order to obtain specific coordinates.

The Ohio Historical Society has decided to place caches at several of its historic sites. Check the map below for a cache near you! Click on the site name to learn more about that site and its cache or click on the cache name to leave the OHS website and go directly to the official Geocache webpage.

OHS Geocache Sites

How Do I Geocache?

Finding an OHS Cache
Placing Your Own Geocache

Thank you for your interest in The Ohio Historical Society!

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