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April Cover Image The Fighting McCooks

Charles T. Webber painted The Fighting McCooks (H 39534) to honor Ohio’s most famous Civil War family. The families of Daniel and John McCook provided a total of fourteen fighting men for the Union cause. This painting depicts Daniel McCook’s family, affectionately known as "The Tribe of Dan." The father, Daniel, died at the battle of Buffington Island, the only Civil War battle fought in Ohio. Three sons, Charles, Robert L. and Daniel, Jr. also died during the war, while Latimer died of his wounds in 1869. Webber added to the family portrait J. James McCook, a son who died in 1842 while serving in the navy.

This painting is a fine example of the many Civil War items in the Society's collections, including both museum objects and archival material. The Fighting McCooks can be seen on the History Mall at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus.

Key to the Painting:

  1. Daniel McCook, - [father] (1798-1863)
    Major, U.S. Volunteers.
    Killed at Buffington Island, Ohio, July 20th, 1863 during John Morgan’s raid across the state. The only officer of field rank killed in battle on Ohio soil during the Civil War.

  2. Latimer A. McCook , (1820-1869)
    Major and surgeon, 31st Illinois Volunteers.
    Died from exposure and wounds received in Grant’s campaign against Vicksburg and Sherman’s March to the Sea.

  3. George W. McCook, (1821-1877)
    Lieutenant Colonel, 2nd Ohio Infantry, Mexican War;
    Colonel 157th Ohio Infantry, Civil War;
    Attorney General of Ohio, 1854-1856

  4. J. James McCook, (1823-1842)
    Midshipman U.S. Navy.
    Died during naval service at sea and buried in Rio de Janeiro.

  5. Robert L. McCook, (1827-1862)
    Colonel, 9th Ohio Infantry;
    Brigadier General, U.S. Volunteers.
    Killed near Salem, Alabama, August 6th, 1862.

  6. Alexander McD. McCook, (1831-1903)
    Colonel, 1st Ohio Infantry;
    Brigadier General, U.S. Volunteers and U.S. Army.
    The official representative of the United States to the coronation of Czar Nicholas II in 1896.

  7. Daniel McCook, Jr., (1834-1864)
    Colonel, 52nd Ohio Infantry;
    Brigadier General, U.S. Volunteers.
    Killed in the assault on Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia, June 27th, 1864.

  8. Edwin Stanton McCook, (1837-1873)
    Colonel, 31st Illinois Infantry;
    Brigadier General and Brevet Major, U.S. Volunteers.
    Served as Governor of Dakota and was killed by a disgruntled constituent on September 11, 1873.

  9. Charles Morris McCook, (1843-1861)
    Private, Company F, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
    Killed at the first Battle of Bull Run, July 21st, 1861.

  10. John J. McCook, (1845-1911)
    Private, Company E, 52nd Ohio Infantry;
    1st Lieutenant, 6th Ohio Cavalry;
    Captain and A.D.C., U.S. Volunteers,
    Brevet Colonel, U.S. Volunteers.
    In later life, he was a Trustee of Princeton University and director of Princeton Theological Seminary.

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